The main layout, also known as VaLayout, consists of different zones as shown here:


Slot Default VaComponent Description
appbar VaAppBar It builds the app bar is most often a VAppBar. The main sidebar is essentially a VNavigationDrawer.
header VaBreadcrumbs Creates the area at the top of the page for VBreadcrumbs or any custom alerts.
default - All CRUD pages or any authenticated custom page will be shown here.
logo - The image or text you planned as the logo is displayed in this slot.
avatar - This slout should be used for the end user avatar image.
profile - This slout should be used for profile menu content such as the end user's name, surname, and email.
aside VaAside In addition to the content, this space is used for additional contextualized information.
footer VaFooter This section is a footer area that allows displaying some corporate information in the VFooter component.