Data Providers

The main purpose of Olobase Admin is to manage remote resources from a specific API. When it needs to communicate with your backend API for any standardized CRUD operation, it calls the adapted method in your provider that will be responsible for fetching or updating the resource data.

- packages
    - admin
        - providers
            - data
// Fetching books
let { data, total } = await provider.getList("books", { page: 1, perPage: 10 });

// Fetching one book
let { data } = await provider.getOne("books", { id: 1 });
// Create new book
await provider.create("books", { data: { title: "My title" } })
// Update title book
await provider.update("books", { id:, data: { title: "New title" } });
// Delete book
await provider.delete("books", { id: });

All fetch methods of a data provider are standardized to ensure compatibility of Olobase Admin with any API server. This is the adapter model that allows for all kinds of different providers for each type of backend of any exchange protocol, whether it's REST, GraphQL, or even SOAP.

Data Providers

To give Olobase Admin the ability to retrieve remote source data, a specific data provider needs to be injected into the constructor method as explained in the next section. This data provider defaults to JsonServerProvider.

API Contract

As always with any adapter model approach, all data providers must comply with a specific contract to allow communication with Olobase Admin. The next object represents the minimum contract that must be implemented:

const dataProvider = {
  getList:    (resource, params) => Promise,
  getOne:     (resource, params) => Promise,
  getMany:    (resource, params) => Promise,
  create:     (resource, params) => Promise,
  update:     (resource, params) => Promise,
  updateMany: (resource, params) => Promise,
  delete:     (resource, params) => Promise,
  deleteMany: (resource, params) => Promise,
  copy:       (resource, params) => Promise,
  copyMany:   (resource, params) => Promise,
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